This is an average fetal weight of 5 months

The fetus in the womb will continue to develop along with the increase in gestational age. For pregnant women whose gestational age has entered the fifth month, it is better to start recognizing the average addition of fetal weight of 5 months to be a benchmark. Five-month gestational age is calculated when the womb enters the 21st week until the 24th week. As the gestational age increases, the weight of the fetus 5 months will increase. Addition of fetal weight 5 months will occur gradually from week to week. Changes in Fetal Weight When the gestational age enters 5 months, the belly of the pregnant woman will be enlarged due to the addition of fetal weight. Pregnant women will also begin to feel fetal movements. To find out more about adding 5 months to your baby's weight from week to week, see the explanation below: 21st week At the beginning of the fifth month, the weight of the fetus is usually around 360 grams and its length is around 27 cm. This week, the fetus
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